Chasin’ Warren

Chasin' Warren
What is Chasin’ Warren?
  • New 13 minute entertaining show about economics and finance for 8-14 year olds premieres September 18, 2012.
  • tastytrade blends foundational financial concepts with humor, and fun personalities to create a unique show that the whole family can watch together.
  • The show casts 8-14 year olds as well and takes them through the world of entrepreneurs, public companies, CEOs and how they relate to the products that kids use themselves.
What will the new website have for kids? site
  • Fun videos for kids to watch.
  • Easy to understand glossary of terms; vocabulary words taught in each episode.
  • Cast member page, where kids can follow the cast.
  • COMING SOON…find, analyze and track stocks of their favorite companies and interactive games as well as create stock wish lists.
  • Receive messages/gifts from parents or grandparents when a share of stock is bought for them so they can start tracking it.
Chasin' Warren tastytradeHow can parents use Chasin’ Warren as a tool?
  • There will be a page just for parents on and we will continue to add new features and tools so that parents can help kids make the connections.
  • tastytrade has partnered with our preferred broker for parents and grandparents to open UGMA/UTMA for kids through a link on the tastytrade website.  Parents will be able to buy shares of stock, once a week, with no commission in these special accounts (please see for all the details).
  • Upon opening a UGMA/UTMA account for their child, tastytrade will provide a certificate for the parent to give to the child, with a special token code the child can use to set up a username and password on
  • When the parent is ready to communicate the gift of any specific shares bought for the child, the parent can print a fun certificate or send an electronic message/gift directly from the tastytrade website to the child at so that the child can open the gift and start tracking that stock and learn as the portfolio is built.
  • It’s a great way to not only save for a child’s future, it’s also great for kids to see investing happening right in front of them, and to participate in active learning, paving the road to financial literacy.