Tastytrade Combines with Dough to Create Unique Partnership


The Chicago-based companies will maximize growth and streamline the user experience under the new entity

April 16, 2014, Chicago, IL – tastytrade.com, the country’s fastest-growing online financial network, and dough.com, the investing and financial engagement platform, announced today the two companies will combine under the name dough, Inc.

“The long-term goals of both tastytrade and dough align so closely that growth can be maximized by bringing the two teams together,” said Kristi Ross, CEO of dough.com and co-CEO of the new entity, dough, Inc. “Future product and content development, acquisitions, and support for our viewers/users will be more streamlined and comprehensive under the combined company.”

Tom Sosnoff, CEO of tastytrade.com and co-CEO of the new entity, describes the benefits, “dough is the perfect technology to deliver the type of financial content tastytrade creates, and has the functionality that makes our unique trading logic easier to implement.  Combining the two companies will make the “see” part of tastytrade and the “do” part on dough seamless from the viewer’s perspective.”

The new dough draws talent from the team that built the groundbreaking thinkorswim platform, including Sosnoff and Ross, Chief Investment Strategist Tom Preston and CTO Linwood Ma, who have all worked together to build innovative financial technology for over a decade.

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tastytrade Distributes Financial Programs on New Amazon Fire TV



The fastest growing online financial network has been selected as one of the first programs distributed on Amazon’s new service

CHICAGO– April 2, 2014 tastytrade, a leading online financial network, announced today that it will distribute its daily shows on Amazon Fire TV, a new platform for watching on-demand entertainment on your television. The tastytrade network produces eight hours of original, live programming every weekday, designed to appeal to viewers with various investment experience, from beginner to professional.

With five main shows and more than 30 segments, tastytrade’s free and accessible video on demand shows made the network a great partner for the Amazon Fire TV launch.

“At tastytrade, we educate viewers about investing and trading but with an alternative entertaining spin.  Partnering with Amazon to air our programming on Amazon Fire TV is strongly aligned with our overall distribution strategy and we expect it will introduce our content to even more viewers,” said Kristi Ross, co-CEO and president of tastytrade. “We’re honored to be one of the first channels included in the launch of Amazon’s innovative new service.”

The fastest growing online financial network will distribute its shows on Amazon Fire TV, which plugs into HDTV for easy and instant access to on-demand programming. In addition to the new Amazon Fire TV, tastytrade distributes through www.tastytrade.com, iTunes, Apple TV, Apple Radio, Roku, trading platforms, YouTube, www.dough.com and through the #1 financial grossing app in iTunes, Bob the Trader.

For more information on tastytrade’s programming, visit www.tastytrade.com.





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tastytrade and the Chicago Innovation Awards to Ring NASDAQ

The fastest growing online financial network was selected as one of the most innovative companies in Chicago

CHICAGO– tastytrade, a leader in online financial networks, will join the Chicago Innovation Awards in New York City on Monday, March 31st to close the NASDAQ Stock Market, the premier exchange for technology companies.  The event, arranged by the Chicago Innovation Awards, the Chicago region’s foremost annual celebration of innovation, will emphasize the surge of innovation that is occurring in the Chicago region, and shine a spotlight on the organizations that make of its vibrant economy.

“This annual event is an excellent example of how the Chicago Innovation Awards celebrates the spirit of innovation in organizations across all industries, sizes and sectors,” said Tom Kuczmarski, Co-Founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards.

With more than 500 companies nominated for the Chicago Innovation Awards, tastytrade was selected as one of the leading innovators in Chicago. tastytrade is the fastest growing online financial network and provides financial information, investment strategies and entertainment around the markets. tastytrade produces eight hours of original, live programming every weekday. Earlier this year, tastytrade developed dough, a free trading app that is the first to make trading visual, intuitive and mobile.

“This year, tastytrade has experienced enormous growth, and we’re excited to be selected by the Chicago Innovation Awards as a top Chicago company,” said Kristi Ross, co-CEO of tastytrade. “Our team has worked hard to create a company that increases financial literacy and investing through educational content and innovative platforms, and the opportunity to close the NASDAQ Stock Market is a huge honor.”

Joining tastytrade will be fellow winners of the 2013 Chicago Innovation Awards including Anova Technologies, Autonomy Works, Belly, Braintree, Chicago Public Library, Everpurse, Farmedhere, FarmLogix, First Alert, iLight Technologies, Ingenuity, Life Spine, Moxie Jean, Nordic Auto Plow, Portapure, Protein Bar, Rabine Group, Sagent Pharmaceuticals, SceneTap, SimpleRelevance, SiNode Systems, and SwipeSense.

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How technology is connecting younger investors to the markets




Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune story:

Kristi Ross, president of financial media network tastytrade, discusses how her company is targeting younger crowds through a free mobile app, Dough, which allows users to get news and information and to make trades on the go.

See the full video interview here, and lear more about dough.

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How Tom Sosnoff’s team is taking dough.com to 1 million users in just two years











Excerpt from the Built in Chicago story:

After founding online brokerage thinkorswim in 1999 and financial media company tastytrade in 2011, Tom Sosnoff, is now onto his next – and likely his last – fin tech venture: visual trading platform dough.

dough has its very own team to thank for those impressive numbers. The experience of CTO Linwood Ma (the former CTO of thinkorswim who Sosnoff calls “a self-taught genius”) and President Kristi Ross (also tastytrade’s President and CEO) have produced a “pretty good following,” Sosnoff said.

“We are going to build a dough brand,” Sosnoff said. “We hope to have a million users on dough by the end of 2015. Dough is going to be a financial product that’s going to scale through its technology and that helps with any level.”

Read the full article from Built in Chicago here.

Learn more about dough and click here to sign up today!

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dough.com Launches and Redefines Online Investor Engagement

tastytrade and Lightbank Position dough as a Disruptor in the Trillion Dollar Financial Industry

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwired – Jan 6, 2014) – Co-founders tastytrade and Lightbank announce the launch of visual trading platform dough.com, one of the largest roll-outs for any online trading platform. More than 15,000 traders pre-registered for access to dough, the ground-breaking investor engagement and trading site. The iPad version of dough is also available in Apple’s App Store. dough mixes entertaining and sophisticated financial media, real-time trade streams, and drag-and-drop simplicity to redefine the investment experience and create a new generation of high-participation investors.

Tom Sosnoff, CEO of tastytrade and founder of the award-winning trading platform thinkorswim, explains, “The phenomenal growth of the tastytrade network proves that people are hungry for our innovative probability and logic-based approach to investing. dough is the next step in this revolution, allowing members to put their investment ideas into action quickly and easily. We’ve taken what we learned about trading technology from building thinkorswim, and matched it with what we learned at tastytrade to create engaging and motivating content that makes complex concepts simple. And we deliver it for free. There is huge pent-up demand for a product like dough.”

dough modules provide various layers of analysis and functionality. The modules help investors find and execute trades with a high probability of being profitable. “doughTV” features engaging and instructional content about real people, money and trading. dough’s “Follow” page shows a live stream of real trades entered by the people behind dough, ranging from novice to expert, and displays their current return on capital and probability of profit. The “Trade” interface offers drag-and-drop order creation and pre-trade calculations for probability of profit and return on capital. And the “doughJO” page offers a series of short educational videos and quizzes. The Trading Journal helps traders monitor their ideas and orders, and lets them archive trade screen shots and market data.

Brad Keywell, co-founder and Managing Director of Lightbank, said, “There are tens of millions of people who have an active interest in managing their money better and trading options and stocks, but who find the offerings of traditional investment firms and financial media unappealing, inaccessible and unhelpful. dough is a disruptor in the trillion dollar financial industry, using mobile technology to rethink the investor experience.” Keywell added, “Combining our experience at Lightbank with the technological and trading know-how of the tastytrade team, we can bring this new trading and learning experience to a demographic that has not been significantly addressed in years.”

Kristi Ross, President of tastytrade and CEO of dough, “We want dough to transform the way people think about investing. This partnership defines the future of how disruptive, differentiating products can get built, delivered and validated in months, not years, and truly have a transformative impact on traders and the financial industry.”

Traders can leverage the dough platform to execute stock and options trades. For more information and to sign up for dough, visit dough.com.


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Dough.com Creates a “Visual” Trading Platform


Tom Sosnoff, the creator of thinkorswim and tastytrade has created a new visual trading platform called Dough. Theresa W. Carey, from Barron’s Electronic Investor decided to sign on for the beta test.

Excerpts from the Barron’s story:

Dough  acts  as  an  analytical  platform,  helping  you  find  profitable  trades.  It  has  six  modules:  a  trading  panel,  a  monitor  of  other  traders, portfolio  analysis,  the  Grid  (which  tracks  stocks),  an  activity  summary,  and  a  trading  journal.  The  interface  guides  you  through constructing  a  trade,  and  is  designed  to  show  you  the  effect  a  trade  will  have  on  your  portfolio.  ”We  designed  dough  to  put  the  fun  and the  challenge  back  into  finance.  Regardless  of  age  and  domain  experience,  dough  engages  through  investible  content,”  says  Sosnoff.

The  dough  platform  also  connects  to  the  live  broadcast  of  tastytrade,  as  well  as  instructional  videos  about  trading  called  doughtv.  A group  of  traders  (including  Sosnoff)  is  displayed  on  the  opening  screen;;  you  can  follow  one  or  more  of  them  and  see  exactly  what they’re  trading.  Each  trader’s  current  return  on  capital  and  probability  of  profit  is  prominently  displayed.

Learn more about Dough and read the full article in Barron’s.

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tastytrade Wins Best Biz “Gold” Award as Most Innovative Company in 2013

November 20, 2013, Chicago, IL – tastytrade, the fastest growing financial media network, was awarded the Gold in the 2013 Best in Biz Awards competition for the most innovative small company in North America.

Best in Biz’s independent panel of judges from top-tier media outlets and analyst firms recognized tastytrade’s unique combination of financial media and technology as having an outsized impact on the investment landscape.  tastytrade recently launched beta dough.com, an online and mobile platform for do-it-yourself  investors, designed to make complex investment products and strategies simple.

Tom Sosnoff, CEO of tastytrade, explained the company’s emergence in the competitive industry.   “We’re producing not only a full eight hours of live financial programming every day on tastytrade, we’re also building the most innovative investor engagement and trading platform with dough.com.  And we do it by leveraging a team of best-of-breed professionals from the trading, technology and production worlds.”

tastytrade offers a complete schedule of investment programming with content ranging from beginner to advanced — all for free. dough.com is the portal for a new intuitive, easy-to-use engagement platform that merges tools for trading with live content streams from individual traders, including doughTV coming in January 2014.

Sosnoff continued. “The Gold award from Best in Biz and the response we’re getting from a growing number of people who have never invested before, but are now really excited about it, is a tremendous validation of our business.  Our approach is the exact opposite of what Wall Street and traditional media has been feeding the public for decades. That stuff doesn’t help people at all.   We actually do real trades, live on air.  We walk the walk, and that builds peoples’ confidence in their own ability to invest themselves and not rely on over-priced money managers and analysts.”

tastytrade’s pioneering work in merging complex probability and volatility metrics with straightforward trading strategies is transforming not only the way the public invests, but also the financial industry.  ”When we do something on Monday and see other networks and platforms copy us by Friday, we know that we’re moving the needle,” said Sosnoff.

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Tom Sosnoff announces Dough, the new project bringing options trading to a younger generation





Thinkorswim founder, Tom Sosnoff is teaming up with Lightbank Founders Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky to bring option trading to millennials. To do so, dough, the newest software from the creators of tastytrade, uses elements of data visualization, mobile apps, web video, social networking and gaming.

Dough is more interactivity and a ton more scale,” Mr. Sosnoff says. “We learned on tastytrade that investors will eat up content, but we’re still talking to a 50-year-old white male. Thinkorswim scaled to 185,000 users in 10 years. We want to do that in a year or two. That’s why we went to Lightbank. They have proven with Groupon and Belly that they can scale.”

Learn more about Dough and read the full article in Crains Chicago Business.

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tastytrade Crowned 2013 People’s Choice by Chicago Innovation Awards

Chicago, IL — tastytrade was honored as the 2013 People’s Choice by Chicago Innovation Awards, recognizing the company’s unique and groundbreaking work in financial media and technology.  30,000 votes were tallied for 100 finalists for People’s Choice (out of 562 nominations), and tastytrade emerged on top.

“We’re proud to be chosen as People’s Choice,” said Tom Sosnoff, CEO of tastytrade.  ”We work hard to bring a completely different approach to financial media and investor engagement that we think will have a real impact on people’s finances.  And we have a lot of fun doing it.  But being voted People’s Choice is a huge validation of what we’re doing.”  tastytrade offers eight hours of live programming a day with content ranging from beginner to advanced — all for free.  ”We are  the exact opposite of the talking heads of traditional  financial media and hide-bound, pay-for-play Wall Street analysts.  We trade for a living, and show viewers in real-time how they can make smart trades with a high probability of making money with small amounts of capital.  We are revolutionizing how people are investing their money.  The People’s Choice Award tells us we’re doing something right.”

Chicago Innovation Awards aims to make Chicago a hub of innovation by igniting a new narrative for the region, and strengthening its economic future and communities.

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