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The tastytrade Network was founded in August 2011, as an Internet-based channel for original financial news, investment strategies, and entertainment for the masses, with programming geared to various investment levels, from beginner to professional. Members get access to exclusive programming, trade ideas, plus significant discounts to investing products and services.

tastytrade currently produces seven hours of original, live programming every weekday, with “Get Tasted,” “The LIZ & JNY Show,” “Ask Slim,” “Last Call,” and “Sneek & the Geek.” tastytrade is available at, on iTunes, Apple TV, Apple Radio, and on Roku. Programming is archived, cataloged and accessible 24/7 at See shows for the latest line-up of programming.

Tom Sosnoff

Tom Sosnoff, CEO, tastytrade, host of Get Tasted Photo: Saverio Truglia Photography

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Tom Sosnoff, CEO of tastytrade and host of “Get Tasted,” is a recognized online brokerage innovator and sought-after financial educator. Tom founded thinkorswim in 1999, before the options market was electronic. Leveraging over 25 years of experience as a market maker for the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) and one of the original OEX traders in the S&P 100 Index pit, Tom pursued a vision to educate retail investors in options trading and to build a superior software platform at a brokerage firm that specialized in options. His efforts ultimately changed the way these instruments traded by pioneering single click trading functionality for complex spreads.

Under Tom’s leadership, thinkorswim evolved into the leader in daily retail options trading, and a pioneer in investor education services for options, futures and FX trading. Tom led the company’s corporate strategy and was dedicated to systems development and trading innovations. He continues to advance understanding of the active trading marketplace by personally teaching and executing complex, non-directional option strategies for investors and traders at all levels.

Kristi Ross

Kristi Ross, President, tastytradeKristi Ross, President of tastytrade, has been in and around the trading business for more than 20 years. Previously, as CFO of online brokerage thinkorswim, Kristi either led or actively participated in numerous mergers and acquisitions and integrations.

Prior to that Kristi was CFO of Automated Trading Desk Specialists (formerly CSG), and CFO of Chicago Securities Group (CSG), a stock specialist on the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX). Kristi started her career in public accounting, specializing in financial services industry clientele including individual traders; prop, market makers, specialists, discount brokerage and advisory firms. She is also a certified public accountant.