Tom Sosnoff announces Dough, the new project bringing options trading to a younger generation





Thinkorswim founder, Tom Sosnoff is teaming up with Lightbank Founders Brad Keywell and Eric Lefkofsky to bring option trading to millennials. To do so, dough, the newest software from the creators of tastytrade, uses elements of data visualization, mobile apps, web video, social networking and gaming.

Dough is more interactivity and a ton more scale,” Mr. Sosnoff says. “We learned on tastytrade that investors will eat up content, but we’re still talking to a 50-year-old white male. Thinkorswim scaled to 185,000 users in 10 years. We want to do that in a year or two. That’s why we went to Lightbank. They have proven with Groupon and Belly that they can scale.”

Learn more about Dough and read the full article in Crains Chicago Business.

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